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As soon as customers of the Belgium company Telenet contact the organization, the provider wants to offer them a digital first experience. Telenet is going to interact with the customer almost entirely digitally so that the customer service can speak to the customer faster and more personally in a data-driven way. Kris de Graeve, Product Owner at Telenet, explains what digital first entails and why it fits the rapidly changing needs of the customer.

Customers want to be in control

Kris: “Today’s customers want to have access to their personal data anytime, anywhere. Not just to check their personal data, but also to use it. Think for example of insight into your own internet usage or that of your children. In addition, customers want to be addressed personally and expect you to know who they are as soon as they contact you. Therefore, in all our communications, we want to address a customer with the data that applies to him or her. This makes the interaction more personal and shows that we, as an organization, know who our customers are and what they need.”

Digital first

“We focus on a digital first strategy. When a customer contacts us through our website, he or she is presented with some automated questions. This allows the system behind it to determine whether the answer is already described on the webpage with frequently asked questions. If not, the customer is automatically linked to the right department. The advisor who helps the customer can view the completed customer journey and therefore has all the necessary information to hand in advance. Often the advisor can predict, based on the data, which question the customer has and thus a question can be answered faster and more personally. Behind the scenes, this results in many complex data flows. We therefore keep an eye on the latest technological developments to be able to analyze all the data. In this way we can get to know our customers better and support them where necessary.”

Not fully digital, but personal

“We started personalizing our communications even before we started focusing on a digital first strategy. 17 years ago, we approached Dialog Group to help us personalize postal communications as optimally as possible based on information flows. This collaboration results in letters to customers that are fully personalized. A customer only receives information relevant to him about his current products and services.”

Information flows to suit needs

“The system that Dialog Group provided us, EngageOne, lives off information flows. Among other things, we use EngageOne for the layouts of our letters to customers. As product owner of the document templating squad, I have to make sure that the communication covers the needs of the business. Customer data must therefore be processed in a structured and secure way. Only then can customers receive a letter in which we briefly mention their products and situation, in addition to the main business message. This is how we show that we value the customer and know his or her needs.”


Telenet is a Belgian provider of digital television, high-speed Internet and fixed and mobile telephony services to residents of Flanders and Brussels.


million mobile customers*

million broadband internet customers*

* jaarverslag 2020

Kris De Graeve

Product Owner at Telenet


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