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By setting the right processes and people in motion and deploying technology in smart ways, we take as much work as possible out of your hands.

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What teams and techniques are involved in customer communications? Probably a lot. From the ‘my environment’, to sending a new policy or marketing email. Each time a different process, different system. That makes change difficult. We all know that things can be done more conveniently or better, but how?

That’s where we come in. We get the right processes and people moving. We use technology in a smart way. And we take as much work as possible off your hands, so that your colleagues can continue to do their work without interruption. This is how we accelerate your processes with minimal impact.

Customer Interaction Layer | Dialog Groep


Few processes demand more from your company than customizing its business software. You take that step carefully. And we help you to achieve this.

We set up a customer interaction layer that integrates with your existing infrastructure. No large-scale revision of systems, no standalone solution or maintenance-intensive custom-made functionalities. But smart links with current systems, by software that does what it is made for. With this, we provide control and ownership at a central location in your organization. With interactions across all communication channels.


Don’t expect impressive PowerPoint slides with abstract objectives from us. We come up with a concrete roadmap and arrive at the objective together. With your existing systems and processes as a starting point.

You’re not alone

Our experienced consultants are here for you. Whether you need someone who understands your IT architecture, who can empathize with customers or just someone who can help with practical maintenance. We help you. And go the extra mile.


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In this white paper we help you on your way with the biggest challenges of the moment: complex organizational structures, a complex IT landscape and poor quality of (customer) data:

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