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With the customer interaction layer all digital customer interactions will be personal and without trouble.

The customer interaction layer

Crucial for an excellent customer experience

The interaction you have with a customer as an organization is often fragmented across different channels, systems, processes and departments. How do you ensure – despite all the internal factors – that all digital customer interactions are still personalized and frictionless?

With the customer interaction layer you can take back control of all systems, processes and departments that are related to customer interactions. Can you succeed in getting all this to work well together and connecting it to all the channels through which your customers come into contact with your organization? Then you have a solid base for achieving an optimal customer experience within the customer journey.

The customer interaction layer is a way to organise and tidy all of the interactions between customers and employees, including all of the necessary systems and processes. It is a way of work where we can help you to connect the systems and departments withing your organization. You could compare the customer interaction layer with the flight control who has to monitor multiple flights at the same time to their right destination. All customer interactions must be handled the right way.

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You are not the only one who is having trouble keeping track of all the incoming and outgoing messages in the digital customer interactions. Complex IT-processes go wrong or there isn’t enough use of data to get you settled in the right direction… We get it!
We will help you step by step to get from problem towards a solution.


1. Recognizable challenges in customer interactions
Having unsatisfied customers because of long queues? Don’t you communicate in a personal way yet or are there too many steps involved to arrange it? Find out where your company is having issues with when improving all customer interactions.
2. Causes within companies
An email address change by a customer seems like a simple adjustment, but all kinds of engines start running on the back end. The IT-department wants to store the data securely, the marketing department wants to use the data to provide a real-time automated, yet personalized response back, and customer service wants to always have the most up-to-date data. Each department has its own purposes and this creates fragmentation.
3. The customer interaction layer
Larger organizations consist of multiple departments and use many systems and processes. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you, as an organization, control it and realize mutual integrations. Systems should support employees and customers. Not the other way around. To regain or maintain control you can add a customer interaction layer to your organization.
4. Customers for life
The customer interaction layer brings together all the systems and processes that affect your customer interaction. This enables you to provide real-time relevant experiences to your customer, make your business processes more efficient, reduce your costs and get a grip on your customer interaction.


Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh | Dialog Group

Would you like to discover the options around the customer interaction layer or hear how we can implement this into your organization?

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Some functionalities within the customer interaction layer are indispensable if you want to make the interaction with your customer digital and personal. Below we list the functionalities that you can connect within the customer interaction layer.


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