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We want to offer our clients reassurance, confidence and insight into our business operations. After all, you want to know who you are working with. That is why we have gone through various audits to validate our knowledge and skills in areas such as information security, business processes, -structure and -culture.


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ISO 27001

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NEN 7510

ISAE 3000 TYPE 2


EcoVadis Zilver

ISO 27001

This globally recognized standard for information security outlines the necessary processes to manage information security in a systematic manner. The main objective of ISO 27001 is to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information within organizations.

At Dialog Group, we prioritize the security of our clients’ information and the ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest level of information security standards.

NEN 7510

When it comes to information security within healthcare, the NEN 7510 standard is of crucial importance. This standard specifically focuses on the protection of patient data. An organization that is NEN 7510 certified meets the strict requirements for safeguarding confidential and integral information about patients.

This includes ensuring the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of all relevant patient information. When choosing a healthcare provider, it is important to look for NEN 7510 certification so that you can trust that your sensitive information is in good hands.


Dialog Group is ISAE 3000 type 2 certified. ISAE stands for International Standard on Assurance Engagements and is an audit standard for reporting on control of processes that are outsourced. The certificate is seen as the international successor to the American SOC 2 certification.

ISEA 3000 pays attention to the web trust principles, i.e. the setup in the area of availability, confidentiality, security, integrity and/or privacy sensitivity of data and information. This certificate is very important to us because it demonstrates and guarantees the quality of our outsourced processes and thus the quality of our services.

Please contact us if you would like to view the report.


FSQS-NL stands for Financial Services Qualification System – Netherlands, and is an assurance process managed by a community of Dutch financial institutions, including banks and insurers. Together they apply a single standard for managing the increasing complexity of third-party information required for compliance with laws and regulations, as well as policy and governance controls.

FSQS-NL safeguards the quality of targeted suppliers such as Dialog Group. This is done by means of an extensive questionnaire, in which all our business processes are examined in detail. The FSQS certification demonstrates that we are ‘fit for business’.

EcoVadis Silver

We consider sustainable entrepreneurship important, which is why we have our CSR plans assessed by EcoVadis. For the EcoVadis certificate we have been ranked on four aspects of sustainable entrepreneurship: environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. So we look beyond driving electric cars or LED lighting in the office.

Norms and values, an anti-discrimination policy, the presence of confidential counsellors, sound employment contracts and requirements for suppliers are important to us. And this is reflected in our people and our way of working.