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Be exceptionally accessible, even during peak times. Streamline your customer interactions across the entire organization.

✔ Scalable customer service and cost control.
✔ Provide 24/7 customer service without long queues
✔ Helping customers the way you want to be helped

Customer service quickly overloaded? Make it scalable

Add them up. All those phone calls, instant messages, pb’s and emails. You quickly arrive at thousands of contact moments per day! And that doesn’t include peak moments, such as during a breakdown. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for this today to handle the demand. But what suits your organization best and how do you make it as easy as possible for your customer?

We help you digitally optimize all these interactions throughout the customer journey. So that your customer experiences great, personalized service through every touchpoint. How? By ensuring that you are in control of all systems, processes and departments involved in customer interaction. In combination with solutions that enable data-driven, digital self-service.

In short: we pull out all the stops to realize consistent customer experiences. That way, your customer communications become even more personal and you transcend your customers’ trust. Want to bet they won’t switch to your competitor?



Telecom companies are at the bottom of the list of industries with an average NPS score of 31. So work to be done to improve customer loyalty.

Bron: Uniphore


More and more telecom companies are embracing cloud computing and saying goodbye to legacy IT infrastructures so they can respond more quickly to customers' changing needs.

Bron: Tridens


AI chatbots can provide telecom customers with 24/7 customer service. This is invaluable in unpredictable circumstances, such as an outage.

Bron: Dialog Group

Our promise: grip on all your customer interactions

The interaction you have with a customer is often fragmented across different channels, employees, systems, processes and departments. How do you get a handle on this with the complexity of legacy, good use of data and fragmented ownership?

We ensure that all your digital customer interactions are personalized and frictionless, without making the process complicated or time-consuming. We do this using our customer interaction layer.

The result? Scalable customer service, a streamlined process, growing revenue and more satisfied customers.



Onboarding new customers

Guide new customers step by step in their digital onboarding journey. For example, through a personalized, interactive video. This immediately gives you the opportunity to collect relevant customer information. Without delay, extra work or questions.

Customer-friendly billing and payment

Inform customers proactively and in a low-threshold manner about their bill. Explain everything in understandable language using personal data. Show understanding when you identify payment problems with your customer and offer proactive and automated solutions through every touchpoint.

Scalable customer service

Make your customer service scalable during peak times or understaffing by deploying a Digital Colleague, for example. Support that with WhatsApp, a My environment, your app and interactive, personal videos…. Voilà, your customer is recognized everywhere and helped quickly. And your employees are left with time to help customers who really need it.


More and more customers are embracing self-service. So give them that opportunity. Step into your customer’s shoes. For example, how nice is it if they can upgrade their subscription without calling, chatting or emailing?


Not fully digital, but personal | We still send documents by mail, think of a subscription confirmation. We don’t see this as interactive communication, but as communication that the customer has asked for. The way we generate documents fits with our digital first strategy. They are fully personalized. To realize this, we approached Dialog Group 17 years ago.”

Kris De Graeve

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As a modern internal service provider, bend existing systems to your will for better customer interactions.


Make it easy, frictionless and fun for your customer to do business with you.


Win customers for life by making interactions truly personal.


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