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How to structurally incorporate interactive personalized videos

WEBINAR RECORDING: How to incorporate interactive personalized videos into your contact strategy

Interactive and personalized videos give you the chance to spread your communication message widely at once and still address your customer personally using real-time data. Do you want to know how this works and how to use it in your own organization? Then register for this hands-on webinar. We’ll give you a sneak peek in the software and show you various examples and possibilities of interactive, personalized videos.


3 PM





60 minutes

Why is interactive, personalized video really different?

The power of interactive, personalized videos is that can reach your audience with just one click, without losing the personal aspect. With user-friendly software and smart use of data, you’re able to address your customers personally by video. Together with the extensive interaction possibilities, this creates memorable experiences. The viewer decides for himself what he sees.




Structural part of your customer contact strategy

You can use video for numerous purposes, such as your marketing or customer service department. With interactive, personalized videos you help (potential) customers to choose a product that perfectly suits their situation and needs. This way you increase customer satisfaction and reduce the amount of customer questions. So why should you wait; let interactive, personalized video structurally reflect your customer contact strategy.




This webinar is interesting for anyone who:

  • Z is responsible for customer communication, -contact, -experience, innovation and digital transformations
  • Zseeks new channels to improve customer interaction
  • Zseeks innovative ways to improve conversion, adoption and response
  • Zwants to make digital interactions more personal
  • Zwants to know how to create and integrate interactive, personalized videos with other communication channels



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