Improve your service through chatbot interactions

Do you offer the service that the customer expects from you? Or do you go that extra mile?

Webinar September 17th, 2020 | GoToWebinar | 1.30 pm till 2.30 pm

Learn how you can easily and quickly improve the customer interaction by using a contextual chatbot. Chatbot interactions speed up and increase customer satisfaction. By giving the customer the real personal attention when he needs it, you surprise him positively.


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Spearheads of smart chat interactions



No frustrating start where people have to fill out their details yet again. All
client details are available in the chat. Due to correct invocation, people are directed to the
right place in the chat experience, for example concerning information pertaining to or
dealing with a payment.



Driven conversation 

No frustrating experience typing sentences that are insufficiently recognized, but a targeted, scripted experience where people are given clear options that can also be processed on a cell phone, with a few simple clicks, including the use of personalized data.


It is possible to quickly enter or retrieve data or even to complete a transaction. Taking out an insurance or report a damage or to get information about a bill, is not an issue. Via the chat it is possible to receive emails or text messages, to submit or receive pictures or even watch interactive videos. In short: conversation, but also interaction and managing affairs from a single basis.

Live take-over 
Should the chat, at any given time, not lead to a satisfactory client experience, a personal agent can be called with a single click on a button. This agent will immediately have all the data at hand, after which human contact can be established quickly, making it unnecessary to discuss the reason for the client to make contact.

A smart customer experience with the right human dimension

The combination of above-mentioned effects ensures a much more targeted and efficient
client experience, enabling you, as a client, to quickly reach your goal and do business
completely digitally. Where necessary, a person to discuss non-standard issues with will be
quickly available via de live takeover. This is what we call a smart client experience with the
correct human dimension.


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Dennis Koorn
Dennis Koorn

Sales & Marketing Manager

Kristoff De Smedt
Kristoff De Smedt

Sales Manager BeLux

Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh
Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh

Managing Consultant

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