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Webinar: How datadriven adaptive customer journeys improve customer experience

Have you always wanted to know how to create a customer journey that really connects with your customers and makes it as easy as possible for them? Then sign up for our next webinar on June 3rd. During this webinar, you will learn how to optimize your customers’ customer journey while reducing organizational costs. Good to know: with a customer we do not only mean a buyer, but also for example a patient, resident or employee.

The longer and more complicated the customer journey to a purchase or inquiry is, the more likely it is that a customer will abandon his or her customer journey and leave the organization with an incomplete database and extra work for customer service. Resulting in a longer lead time. Ouch!



So, do you want to prevent your customers from …:

  • N... feeling like they are spending more time than they expected?
  • N... having to provide information they've already given you?
  • N... having to answer questions that don't apply to them at all?
  • N... not being able to manage everything online, so having to email, chat or call you?
  • N... taking unnecessary steps like printing, signing and scanning?

Do you answer the above questions with a “yes”? Then sign up for the webinar. There are many innovative digital self-service options that we can tell you more about. 


After this webinar:

  • NYou will know how to improve customer interaction and conversion rates of new customers.
  • NAre you able to further extend the customer experience by deploying smart forms where you guide the customer through the digital process.
  • NYou will have learned how to deploy smart forms to achieve lower costs for- and better control over- customer service.

Presentation by:

Neal Keene, Field CTO,
Smart Communications

Christophe Déplacé, EMEA Account Director,
Smart Communications

Starting at

3:00 pm





60 minutes