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Collect customer data in an easy and customer friendly way. Transform form-based processes into intelligent and conversational customer experiences.

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It can be challenging and time consuming to collect customer data. To simplify this process we have been working with Smart Communications for years. Their main solution SmartIQ gives you the possibility to eject traditional forms and say hi to new intelligent conversational forms.

SmartIQ: the flagship of Smart Communications

SmartIQ is a low-code enterprise form management solution. It gives you the possibility to modernize every form process. Besides that it is very user friendly. Not just for your customer, but for your employees as well.


SmartIQ in the real world

SmartIQ’s solution is broadly applicable to the most regulated industries, such as financial services, government agencies, insurers and healthcare. A brief list of what you can use SmartIQ for, among other things:

  • Opening a new investment account
  • To request permits
  • To request unemployment benefits
  • Application for personal finance and banking services.

Enhance the digital form experience

Get insight into where your customers are getting stuck using an analytics dashboard. Use data to personalize any interaction on any device, mobile, desktop, tablet et cetera.

When you personalize digital forms, you can provide a fast and quality customer experience while your customer service department receives fewer inquiries.

Avoid wrong or incomplete data

Use existing data sources and build responsive forms in which data is pre-populated, collected, validated and updated in real time.

By providing customers with a better digital form experience, you lower the chances of your customer dropping out prematurely.

Safe processes that protect customer data

With SmartIQ’s solution, you can optimally secure your client’s data to meet multiple compliance requirements.

Smart IQ is an ISO/IEC 27001: 2013, SOC1, SOC2 Type II, HIPAA and FSQS certified solution.

Fast end-to-end processing time

Integrate automated workflows so that your agents have immediate access to the right information and thus can better help your customer.

And thanks to the low-code user interface, departments can easily design and maintain their own form communication processes.

Want to know more about the possibilities of SmartIQ or Smart Communications?

Please contact Dennis Koorn

+31 06 346 58 510
[email protected]


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