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This is how we give you digital strength

Running in circles, but smart

You don’t change your organization in a week. That is why in our cyclical approach we start as soon as possible with the things that will already make a difference to your customer tomorrow. We learn and optimize as we go along. Of course always with a dot on the horizon.


Comparing your view of customer engagement to the real world

We first listen to your organization and your customers. How do customers do business with you and what barriers do they experience? How would you like this to go? What does management say about this? And, most importantly, why is there a difference?

There are plenty of improvement plans and programs. But why is it not possible today to give your customer what you would like? And why is it not possible to change this tomorrow?

This is how we come to a vision on customer interaction for your organization.


Practical use cases to realize your vision of customer interaction

Together we arrive at a clear vision, your specific roadmap and use cases: actual customer processes with a starting and ending point. For example, taking out an insurance policy, extending a contract, digital self service and more customer-friendly payment processes. With interactive workshops, interviews and desk research. Together we arrive at the case with which you can achieve the highest possible profit, with the least effort.

We translate this use case into a business case. What value will you create in terms of extra conversion, less churn, higher customer appreciation? And which cost savings, such as call reduction, more efficient processes or time savings through digitization? We set this against the investment required to do so and how quickly it is recouped.

From ‘But we can’t do that because…’ to ‘Why are we doing it like this anyway?’


What processes, people and software are going to make the difference?

We get to work on a pilot or proof-of-concept. We work out a prototype and present it to you. We work out which software, which people, which processes will ensure that the customer gets the desired experience. Of course with your existing processes and systems as a starting point. But we are stubborn enough to bend them to our will.


Getting started

We are going to implement the changes that are needed, by deploying the right applications. By creating the necessary links with your existing systems. By training colleagues. We will do what is necessary to realize what we have agreed upon. And you decide what you need from us.


What is the result and what’s next?

We evaluate the result. What did the customer notice? Of course, we also look at how colleagues have experienced it. And whether it has delivered the desired savings or profit. Then we determine the best next step on the roadmap: expanding the current case, scaling up to the next cases or developing new cases.


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