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Dialog Groep and Hootsuite partner to deliver frictionless customer interaction and improve digital self-service

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Dialog Groep today announced a partnership with Hootsuite, a leading social media management platform now expanding into social commerce and social customer care. The company’s Sparkcentral by Hootsuite product manages all messages within one simple, multi-channel conversational engagement platform on any messaging channel or social network to provide customers with robust social customer care capabilities.

With offices in The Netherlands and Belgium, Dialog Groep delivers smart solutions and services for frictionless customer interaction and digital self-service. This partnership between Dialog Groep and Hootsuite will enable companies to meet the increasing expectations of today’s mobile and hyper-connected customers. The next phase of making digital interaction easy.

Commenting on the partnership Ian Healey, Senior Product and Partner Marketing Manager, Hootsuite said, “Customers today expect a customized and consistent experience each time they engage with a brand. Hootsuite and Dialog Groep will bring together advanced adaptive capabilities to help companies digitally transform and engage customers in new ways. We welcome the opportunity to combine each of our company’s many years of experience to help businesses across Europe.”

Ian Healy | Dialog Group

Ian Healey: “Hootsuite and Dialog Groep will bring together advanced adaptive capabilities to help companies digitally transform.”

Hootsuite’s Digital 2021 Report found 4.5 billion people are now on social media, more than half the global population, and spending nearly 2.5 hours a day on social and messaging platforms. With this partnership, Hootsuite and Dialog Groep will enable Banking, Insurance, Telco, Utilities, Public Sector and Leisure organizations to engage more effectively with their customers and other audiences on the channels where they are already spending time.

“We are happy to announce this partnership to our customers,” said Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh, Manager Business Development, Innovation and Projects, Dialog Groep. “We strongly believe that frictionless customer interaction and digital self-service leads to improved business results. By adding Sparkcentral by Hootsuite to our portfolio and integrating it in our customer engagement hub we can help brands by managing every interaction from one place.. Companies can meet customers on the channels where they are (e.g. WhatsApp), service them faster and get full control of the conversation.”

Philippe Nieuwenborg

About Dialog Groep and Hootsuite

Dialog Groep

Dialog Groep uses solutions and services to make significant improvements in a few weeks to organizations that have challenges in the field of customer contact. Our experts understand the barriers that your customer experiences and can also offer the technical solutions for this, for example via simple digital self-service solutions. Customer interaction becomes personal, without making the process complicated or time-consuming. From smart forms and personal, interactive video to conversational intelligence,integrated with digital authentication, nothing is too crazy for us.

Dialog Groep works together with the leading innovative software companies and market leaders in the field of (digital) customer communication. As a result, we are independent and we select the right solution for our clients. Always with the same dedication and focus on the ultimate customer experience.

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Hootsuite is a leading global provider of social media management software. Their comprehensive, easy-to-use platform empowers brands and organizations to build enduring relationships with their audiences on social, at scale through social networks and 1:1 messaging channels. Hootsuite offers free, Self Serve and Sales-enabled versions of their platform on monthly and annual subscription options. The free and Self Serve offerings can be accessed directly from Hootsuite’s website, allowing customers to start using their products within minutes. Hootsuite has approximately 200,000 Self Serve customers and over 5,000 Sales-enabled customers as well as millions of users worldwide.