Dialog Groep adds Objectif Lune software to its portfolio of customer interaction solutions

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Dialog Groep now offers Objectif Lune’s OL Connect platform for flexible automation of customer communication in the Netherlands and Belgium.

With OL Connect, B2B and B2C companies can communicate more efficiently with their customers, in an automated and yet personalized way and at lower cost. The scalable license structure enables you to purchase only the functionality that you need. With the assurance of being able to expand when needed.

Dialog Group adds Objectif Lune software to its portfolio of customer interaction solutions

Patrick Roelandt, Managing Director Dialog Groep: ‘The basic premise here is digital empowerment, also for medium-sized companies. Several of our Enterprise customers are already running Objectif Lune technology, proving that Objectif Lune technology can also be an important building block in our broader solutions.’

Ian Healy | Dialog Group

Ronald Helmerhorst: ‘Previously, digital rather than paper was mainly from a cost perspective. Today, customers wonder why you still send paper.’

Ronald Helmerhorst, General Manager at Objectif Lune Benelux: ‘Dialog Groep has implementation experience like no other and its own team of consultants. They will also proactively invest in a strong OL Competence Team. This experience combined with our standardized solutions will enable the installation and configuration of enterprise solutions for mid-sized companies without an enterprise implementation budget.’

‘Previously, digital rather than paper was mainly from a cost perspective. Today, customers wonder why you still send paper. The customers of our customers demand interactive communication on their smart device’, said Ronald Helmerhorst, General Manager at Objectif Lune Benelux. 

Philippe Nieuwenborg

About Dialog Groep and Objectif Lune

Dialog Groep

Dialog Groep has been active in the Benelux market since 1992 with projects, solutions and services in the field of customer interaction. It has dozens of clients in the enterprise and SME markets, including the financial, telco and utility sectors, mostly based on a combination of strong standard software. Dialog Groep acts as a Solution Integrator to provide a solution that perfectly fits the client’s business objectives and is integrated into the back office. Dialog Groep has built up a strong knowledge and vision of customer interaction and distinguishes itself in the market through flexibility and power of change. 

Sparkscentral by Hootsuite | partner Dialog Group

About Objectif Lune

Founded in 1993, Objectif Lune now has more than 20.000 customers worldwide, all taking customer communications to the next level in the digital age. There is local technical support around the world and three R&D facilities in Canada, the Netherlands and Australia. All OL products and solutions are designed to easily regain control of all forms of customer communications and personalized business documents in a fast and effective way. With open and flexible technology in a way that is independent of the IT environments fully automated. Without major changes to your existing systems there are opportunities to improve customer relationship, content management, financial and other business systems. 


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