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It’s all about good communication and personal contact. That’s why we celebrated our 30th anniversary this year with our customers, partners, associates and employees.

Attendees could join our presentations on conversational, digital CX and digital accessibility in an omnichannel world. This was followed by enjoying a tof-fat-great-original-fun festival celebrating our 30th anniversary! With food trucks, music and entertainment.

Objectif Lune | Partner | Dialog Group
Chatlayer | Partner | Dialog Group
Chatlayer | Partner | Dialog Group


2:30 PM - Welcome at STRND

Nice of you to join us! We’ll welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea and some snacks.

3 PM - 30 years of Dialog Group & presentations

Festive kick-off of the festival by Patrick Roelandt followed by the presentations:

Dialog Group & Eerstestap.nl, a winning team
Jan Verstegen will take you into the world of conversational, talk about Dialog Group’s recent acquisition, our (future) vision, and conclude with a short demonstration.

The impact of digital accessibility in an omnichannel world
Customers want to receive information through different channels, on multiple devices and 24/7. Digital accessibility is therefore not a functionality but requires an omnichannel customer contact strategy. Rod Blair (Crawford Technologies) shares his experiences with self-service portals, digital PDF/UA and the impact on the use of encrypted PDF.

Bring complex software to the cloud
Allan Christian (Precisely) shares his experiences building a roadmap to bring complex software to the cloud. It’s not just about technology, it’s a change of strategy with impact on employees, partners and customers.

The road to Digital CX in an omnichannel world
Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh explains, and demonstrates how data drives customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. From acquisition to onboarding, customer service to retention. Automated, personalized and omnichannel. In addition, Philippe shares his personal experiences on building a roadmap to transform to Digital CX and providing excellent experiences.

Hosted Managed Services at Dialog Group
The European platform launch of RapidCX by Chris Hall. Chris is going to inspire you by explaining the capabilities of the new RapidCX platform. Including Dialog Group’s approach to bring hosted managed services to Dialog Group’s customers in Europe.

5 PM - Wrap-up and a toast

Patrick Roelandt is going to ask you to raise your glass and join the celebration of Dialog Group’s 30th anniversary.

5:15 PM - Food trucks, chill & networking

After the presentations, there will be time to talk about the presentations, exchange experiences or maybe you feel like hitting a ball at the mini golf course in the PLYGRND. You can also visit the Dialog Group safari tent with our partners.

8 PM - Closing Corporate Festival

Thank you so much for coming! Hopefully you look back on an interesting, enjoyable meeting. Time to go home again.

Karine cirkel FINAL | Dialog Group

Would you like to receive the presentations?

Please contact Karine Copier:

+31 6 549 43 664
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Patrick Roelandt
Co-owner & Managing Director
Dialog Group


Philippe Nieuwenborgh
Co-owner & Managing Consultant
Dialog Group

Jan Verstegen

Jan Verstegen
Managing Consultant
Dialog Group

Allan Christian

Allan Christian
Vice President of Engineering


Chris Hall
SVP – Product & Operations

Rod Blair | Vice President of International Sales | Crawford Technologies

Rod Blair
Vice President of International Sales
Crawford Technologies

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Here is a small selection of the photos taken during the event. Do you want to see all photos? We have collected them in an online photo album.

These photos were made by Marit de la Vera.

Objectif Lune | Partner | Dialog Group
Chatlayer | Partner | Dialog Group
Chatlayer | Partner | Dialog Group